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Please remember that all HFH hybrids are made for the great outdoor and natural lights only.

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Happy to be back on the Guerilla Gold track! This is taken from a batch of GG#1 grown for years in the harch Ural Mountains (Russia and Kazakhstan). Very easy, early and resistant. Great classic! Remember HFH seed packs always contains 10 seeds (+1 extra).

Guerilla Gold, originally by Breederbrad.

Guerilla Gold #1 is an early and semi autoflowering hybrid that is suitable for northern outdoor growers or any outdoor grower looking for an early harvest of potent buds. When put outside as seedlings at the end of May, GG#1 will finish by the end of August to the first week of September. The plants reach up to 6 feet tall and finish with dense spear-shaped buds that are covered in trichomes. GG#1 has a deep sweet seasoning smell with acidic and fruity undertones and the taste is very satisfying. The dried buds are dense and have very good bag appeal being light green in colour with sparkling golden hues. The long-lasting trippy and euphoric high is very powerful and feels more sativa in nature than the GG#2. She packs quite an intense punch that is great for relieving pain, stimulating the appetite, relieving nausea and mostly for just plain fun. Grow Guerilla Gold #1 outdoors in full sun to bring her to her potential. The average yield is 2 ounces per plant when guerilla growing, but a ¼ lb or more is very achievable in ideal conditions.

Outdoor only Begin August (54 n) to mid September (58 n)
Packs quite an intense punch that is great for relieving pain,
Stimulating the appetite, relieving nausea and mostly for just plain fun.

GG is a Hybrid of: Early Gold x (Afghan x Mighty Mite) f7

12 reviews for HFH GUERILLA GOLD

  1. JGP

    Hello Esben when will these be restocked.?

    • Esbe

      Cheers bro, they will be up again real soon. Peace

  2. hans (verified owner)

    sprouted 1 pack of These in the middle of may, Germination 100%, set them out at the end of may as Little seedlings with only first pair of real leafs (western europe,50 n.L., influenced by northern sea, spot with only 4 hours of direct sunlight), every single plant survived without a lot of care until harvest, at the end I got plants reaching from 1,20-1,80 with a heavy trichome coverage and astonishing smell and Aroma, harvest was end August until 10th of September, they yielded approximately 60g per plant

    • Esbe

      Cheers Hans, thank you for your report!

  3. Johnny B

    I love these, they’re my top pick together with the Wild/Super07 and Danish Gold.

    It’s as strong as most indoor on the streets. And more flavorful.

    Grew great, I just regret not planting a majority of these.

  4. Andreas Temmel

    Hab vor über einem Mit nat bestellt und bezahlt bis jetzt hat sich nichts getan.
    Ich würde nicht nochmals bestellen der Support antwortet nicht und ich habe auch noch nie so lange warten müssen.
    Inzwischen kommt mir das ganze wie Scam vor.
    Kann auf jedenfall nur vom Kauf abraten

  5. slick (verified owner)

    Sehr geile Pflanze, wird früh fertig, ballert besser als Amnesia Haze, was will man mehr. Hatte noch Dänish Gold + WS07 + Leb27S + 27V2 dazu.
    Sind alle super eigentlich, sind bei rund 15-16h in Blüte gegangen. Kann man perfekt anbauen in
    Norddeutschland. Welche davon für jeden am besten ist, muss jeder selber wissen.
    Ich kann alle empfehlen. Ich muss dazu sagen, hatte vorher bei sämtlichen anderen breedern seeds bestellt, welche alle irgendwelche tollen outdoorzeiten von August – September für Norddeutschland versprochen hatten. Hatte vorher ca. 20 Sorten im Test und
    keine einzige ist auch nur im Ansatz im Oktober fertig gewesen, nur Lug und Betrug im Netz.

    Deswegen müßte ich in dem Fall Hybrids from Hell für die Gesamtleistung = mindestens 6 Sterne geben.
    Hier wird nicht gelogen, man kann sich darauf verlassen, hier stimmen alle Angaben. Ganz großes Kompliment an Hybrids from Hell…macht weiter so…!

  6. slick (verified owner)

    Das sind nur ein paar Beispiele für absolute FAKES im Netz. Diese Sorten sind nicht einmal im Ansatz im September oder Oktober fertig und bezeichnen sich alle als die besten breeder.
    Scheiße sind sie.
    Hybrids from Hell hat es drauf … nicht die Anderen…!

  7. Zoel (verified owner)

    I have to say that I am very happy with the end product of this strain.
    Although not many seeds sprouted from the 13 seeds I got and only one was a female.
    This plant grew very nicely! I planted it really late, half of June, and topped it to keep it small.
    It had nice slim buds with a good leaf to flower ratio.
    The dried buds smell very good and have a light haze smell when smoked.
    I prefer to smoke my herbs at 185 degrees celsius in a vaporizer and this gives me a very nice buzz.
    I’m here to buy my seeds for the summer of 2019!

  8. JosephSoM

    best airlines from usa to india delta

  9. UKAnabolic (verified owner)

    Grew these in 2018, nice long colas, i put them outside after a week on the window sill and each grew around 3 to 4 ft tall, finished early August at 54 deg north. Very good smoke and great buzz too.

  10. Alex

    Your seed quality is really bad. Like really horrible, only 3/13 sprouted! Is it really so hard to pick the best seeds from the buds?

  11. H.H (verified owner)

    This was the smoothest transaction I’ve ever made. Very professional and I’ve received my order in 4 working days to Sweden. I’ve also got some freebies. More then I aspected. Keep up the good and professional work. I’ll get back with my growing review. Greetings from Sweden

  12. H.H (verified owner)

    Ordered total 13 seeds, received 26(that’s 13 freebies). Total 23 of 26 seeds sprouted. That’s 90% germination rate. Very good.

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