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This one is a nice hybrid from Tom Hills Deep Chunk and Leb27. Thx to Paulo for his breeding work. Best under the 54 n lat outdoor.

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3 reviews for HFH LEB CHUNK

  1. Opa Hermann

    can you tell me when this strain will finish at 52°N?

    • Esbe

      Sorry the wait bro, the Leb Chunk will finish at you around oct 1. Peace

  2. hans

    it’s a beautiful, strong and hardy plant. sprouted beginning of may and went outdoor at the end of may on a sunny spot (western europe, 50 n.L., influenced by northern sea), sunlight almost whole day, harvested first week of october, she has been slightly more then 2 meters tall with a nice smell and nice colours due to colder temperatures at the end, Long and strong branches, but the buds are not very dense, rather leafy and had a lot of budrot, resin content is not that good as expected, at the end I had to throw away at least 25% of rotten buds, smell is like pepper/hash/spices (pretty yummi), effect is stoney but only average, yield was 100 g per plant, I wouldn’t grow this again

    • Esbe

      Thanks for your report bro!

  3. CJ

    Pretty much all of the seeds germinated, i only germinated 5 of them however. Plants grew really quickly and vigorously, they were the quickest growing strain of my whole garden this year despite it being a terrible summer. (*ESBE, are these seeds the result of an F1 cross? seeds were labeled 2014). These were grown at Lat 52 in the UK. They did not have very good mood resistance and every plant got bud rot. Did not yield any usable bud from the strain.

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