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7 weeks flowering, harvest time from aug 5-sep 15, depending on your northern latiudes. Very good against mold. Probaly the earliest hybrid from the HFH outlet. Big yielder up to n lat 64. Good daytime indica, great for hash. CBD rich. Very good resistans to mold and disease. HFH seed packs always contains 10 seeds (+1 extra), carefully hand checked for best possible sprouting.

16.00 Ex. Vat

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4 reviews for HFH MONK

  1. FrenchBeauf

    Hi, what’s the genetic ? This variety isn’t on seedfinder.eu for the moment .. :S

  2. MirekCZ

    Hello, in first moment I had nice little female mother plant for next grow season, but….after some time began to appear male balls:(
    I had normal 18/6 light period, control under 12/12 is without male anthers now…but still hermafrodit…

  3. Jack

    Planted 6 of these in Rockwool (great for air pruning your roots) and left them to germinate on my window ledge, planted all 6 outside at the end of May in fabric pots with miricle-gro multi purpose compost (Pete based with lime granulites to stabalise ph, 4 months feed variety) all of them have shown great growth at 54 latitude up to now, they have all entered flowering at different times, over the course of 2 weeks I weeded out 2 male plants and 4 were garenteed female, one of witch I wish I could keep as a mother plant due to its unbelievable growth! These genetics are very resilient to many UK growing problems such as cold night temps, heavy downpours, no mould problems and even bugs don’t seem to want to go near these genetics as much as the others (gurilla gold x 4 and Danish pot x 2) I have not smoked the finished product yet (still 5 or 6 weeks to go, maybe longer for the late flowerers, but I have every faith that all will have a much better yeild than previous experiences, very easy to grow and maintain

    P.s don’t listen to the person who left a 1 star review, 12/12 light for uk falls end of September, he threw his outdoor genetics into an indoor environment where the plant thought it was the end of flowering because of the lighting conditions, causing stress and leading to a hermie. Don’t be that guy with these genetics

  4. LesSidway

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