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8 weeks flowering, harvest time from aug 15-sep 20, depending on your northern latiudes. Very good against mold. Classic danish genetics.Very early mostly sativa influenced. Flowers of fruit and fresh fruits. Will finish up to 61 n lat. HFH seed packs contains 10 seeds (+1 extra), carefully hand checked for best possible sprouting. Please remember that all HFH hybrids are made for the great outdoor and natural lights only.

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17 reviews for HFH ROYAL DANE

  1. O.O.A

    Do you know when your RD seed’s will be in stock again Esbe ? I missed out on them this season and don’t want to make the same mistake again .

  2. Robert

    Yes when will these be restocked?

    • Esbe

      Thanks for asking guys, Royal Dane will be restocked in a very Sativa version. Expect them to hit the shop around mid october. Peace!

  3. Coop

    Is this the sativa version?
    Im on 51′ when wil he finish?
    Keep up the good work!

    • Esbe

      Cheers, this version is the very sativa version. She will finish around sep 10 at the 51 n lat.

      Thanks and best grow wishes!

    • Esbe

      Cheers, around your location the sativa Royal Dane will be ready around sep 10.


  4. ep

    im on lat 55 when will it be ready if planted mid april/may

    • Hybrids From Hell

      Around the 20th of september 😉

  5. FS

    Is this the purple version?

  6. Chris (verified owner)

    I placed a order a month ago when can I expect it to be delivered? I try contacting you guys several times with no reply

  7. lars

    The same over here, i placed an order in the middle of april, sent the money couple days later.
    still no beans , and not any chance to get an answer to my mails.

    whats wrong ??

    • Hybrids From Hell

      Hi Lars, please give us a head up when you receive … Have you received all ready perhaps?

  8. ScG

    Esben is a fulltime worker and this is a side business, so just take it chill, your seeds will arrive. Please show understanding of this as at this time of the year, everyone wants seeds, in the last minute. Including me.

    This site are the only site who´s fully dedicated to provide growable strains all the way up to lat 60, and as such, I guess esben has his hands full right now. Everything grom Esben has had a 98% germination ratio for me last year, and I sowed several hundred seeds of HFH varietys, I got to harvest some of them and they are all very nice genetics. I´m at N58.

    This RD Sativa verions should be some nice smoke, if i get them I´ll cross them against RD indica phenotype version I have on hand, might get some hybrid vigour out of it and maybe a RD f1 like thingy.

  9. Chris (verified owner)

    Hey just wanted to update got my seeds today. I didn’t get a email or anything saying they were being sent which is what I was waiting for so thanks esbe and crew

  10. Tinker

    Hi. This is my first year using hhrd. I am at lat 53.
    Put six in. May 1st i think. All vigorously germinated within days. Very uniform and strong.
    Approx 2m tall now in a 10 x 8 greenhouse and I couldn’t be happier. Seriously. Perfect health throughout, lots of product and an exciting aroma full of promise. Thankyou very much indeed. Woop

  11. CJ

    Good strain. Sex started to show arround middle of july. Good mold resistance due to the sativa structure of the plant, not a single speck of mold compared to my other strains. nice smell too. Not the biggest yeilder by the looks of it but should be a good smoke!

  12. 54N

    harvest mid-late Sept.
    very branchy goblet shape plants.
    Two females showed sex very early, before I transplanted the young plants to their final home.
    I had 2 females : one taller (1.8m), one shorter (1.4m). The shorter plant produced large indica looking buds in reasonable quantity. The larger plant produced small, very airy buds.
    Both plants were very resinous.
    Both plants suffered slightly from mould- some lower buds were chewed up. The tall plant with the all loose buds suffered more than the smaller plant.
    Yield was about 80g per plant.
    Smell is distinctive, not bad, but not the most refined either.
    The bud structure is a little strange….a bit fiberous.
    This weed is OK vaped or smoked in joints, but I couldn’t imagine smoking pipes. Quite leafy with a lot of stem material in the bud.
    The high lasts about an hour.
    A mixed review so far….BUT….
    1) they grew vigorously and really were tough plants: they grew themselves. One (male) plant was totally eaten by a deer and still regrew to a large plant
    2) yields were good for the size of plant.
    3)although the weed is only OK, the hashish is very nice.

    Would I grow again?
    Yes-if only to get an easy, early crop for decent hash.

  13. Julien (verified owner)

    Commande reçue en 6 jours , c’est parfait !!!!!

    Merci pour les freebies , dommage que vous ne soyez pas plus connu que sa en france , votre travail est époustouflant !!!!!!!

  14. bonghopper

    All late hermie plants except 1, apart from that, really nice early (August) flowers, nice bag appeal, old school sativa flavour with quite stoney/narcotic effect.

  15. Johnny

    Beautiful plants. Some have a nice, deep scent and sharp, bitter taste, some were honey sweet…dunno if the sweet might have been a Danish Gold though…

    Not the fastest, but not the latest either. Can make big plants.

    The high is ok to strong depending on genotype, I’m used to the good stuff, so it could have been more potent. I’m missing some terps, I must say, maybe I’m spoiled… When looking at its parent tree one should think there’s some very good plant in there, can’t help thinking it’s been crossed to too many different genetics. Although it grows beautifully, strong structure, some are dark blue with thin leafs.

    If you’re not a huge stoner and have low tolerance this would be a good choice for you, I think, daytime pot.

  16. 2


  17. Jap

    Any plans to restock the Royal Dane for 2020, Esbe? Thx!

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