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The Wild hybrids all have great medical value against pain, lack of appetite, pain relief and depression.

7-8 weeks flowering, harvest time from sep 1-sep 20, depending on your northern latiudes. Very good against mold. HFH seed packs always contains 13 seeds, carefully hand checked for best possible sprouting.  Very early long and happy Sativa, for n lats up to 60.The Wild Super are picked from a single plant with extra potential. The Wild family originates from the same Super Wilds that are worked Eno genetics dusted with Danish Gold(Danish Passion x Guerilla Gold). Please remember that all HFH hybrids are made for the great outdoor and natural lights only.

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3 reviews for HFH WILD SUPER07

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I grew WS07 this year at 54N and was really impressed with them, thanks very much.
    I like the open growth habit, the bud structure, the sweet sharp smell and the sativa-skunk high. Oh, and the 4 foot hight is handy too.
    I got around 80-100g of each, with maybe 3-5g lost to mould per plant. Really, it was almost nothing…the odd little pinch here & there. They were more mould tolerant than the royal danes which were growing next to them.
    Harvest date was later than I expected at end of September / early October, but it was all good because of the mould tolerance. I experienced no hermaphrodites.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    One of the fastest out there, I don’t know if there’s auto/semiauto genetics in it, but it’s fast.

    Mold resistance is off the charts, I have a fantasy of choosing a nice Stardawg or something male and pollinate a couple of good Wild07’s, I think it holds good breeding stock to add weird flavor, quick maturation, resin, vigor, but still not taller than 1.7 meters. Cross something crazy to this, Esbe!
    Wild07 already have a weird scent and taste; floral, lavender (linalool), sweet, incense, sourness, bitter, muted ammonia. It’s very unique to what I’ve had before.

    The high creeps a little, just to put the smackdown for every minute passing.
    Surprisingly potent and flavorful.

    It wasn’t a tall plant, but it was also topped. Thin leaves. Very high amount of resin, not entirely closef-off/tight flowers, that’s one reason for the great fungi resistance. Golden flowers after 5-6 months fermentation/curing.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    high hfh ,are you gonna restock wild super?


    • test test

      Its back

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